Air Transport

Air Transport

The sky is the limit for air freight shipments. From small packages to large items, air freight can take anything and everything from around the world. Air cargo is reliable and efficient, making it a popular shipping option for businesses and consumers alike. There are a few things to keep in mind when shipping by air, though, so be sure to check out these guidelines.

  • Items: Airfreight is most commonly used for small packages. Larger items just don’t fit well in cargo planes, and they can be too heavy to transport.

  • Liquids: Even if an item weighs only a few ounces (30 grams), liquids cannot typically be shipped via air freight because of safety concerns.

  • Explosives And Dangerous Goods: These items pose a major safety hazard if transported by air, and they’re also illegal to ship internationally without proper documentation.

  • Perishable Foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life, so they’re not ideal candidates for air freight. Plus, they’ll likely spoil during transit.

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